Addressing Job Loss During an Interview
Hcareers / MAY 04 2021

Many hospitality workers faced job loss over this past year. Given the circumstances, employers likely won’t ask why you are unemployed during an interview, but you can also take the time to show you made the most of the time, and depending on your answer, you can shine even more as a candidate! 

Consider these answer techniques when talking about job loss in an interview.

1. Explain what you learned during this time

Remember that saying, when the going gets tough, the tough get going? 

Job loss will likely happen to everyone once or twice during their career, especially when facing a global public health and economic crisis. Those who are able to turn it into a learning experience and a time to improve as a candidate can show their resilience and positive attitude to a potential employer. And employers want those types of people on their team. 

If you were balancing your time between job hunting, childcare, and/or caring for another family member, don’t feel like you needed to transform into a whole new worker though! 

Were you able to pick up a new skill or two through a temporary position? Did you decide to gain some new hospitality certifications, or join an online school program? Maybe you started some freelance work? Mention that during your interview! It will show that you are motivated and that you want to get back to work. 

2. Keep it positive

Job loss is not easy and adds stress to those facing it. You might still feel angry about the circumstances, and maybe your split from your previous employer ended badly. 

Remember that this is not the time to vent your frustrations. Especially if the employer you’re interviewing with also had to let go of their employees due to the pandemic. Stay neutral or positive about your job loss and focus on what you’re looking forward to if you get the position with them. 

3. Gather references beforehand

If you were let go due to the pandemic, and your previous manager would have good things to say about you, feel free to reach out to them and ask for a reference. 

It’s easier to ask for a reference in these circumstances because neither you nor your previous employer wanted to end your employment, it was an unforeseen situation. 

The industry is beginning to rehire, and there are more opportunities every day to find your next perfect fit. Start your job search here!