How to Tell if You’re on the Right Career Path
Hcareers / AUGUST 16 2021

Life after school offers an initial episode of reality shock for those who are entering the labor market for the first time. The millennials, on the other hand, are not left out. Many are stuck in unappealing or dead-end jobs while struggling to find fitting career paths. This situation is not uncommon in the hospitality industry as well.

Career unhappiness is real, and it can be birthed by unrealistic role expectations, demeaning employers, poor skills match, or uncertainty of your career path.

To be honest, there is no magic recipe to experience career happiness. The only secret to career happiness is for you to find your dream job.

In today’s blog post, we will show you simple signs that point out that you are on the right career path. Are you ready to find out if this hospitality career is the one for you? 

Let’s go!

Five signs that you are on the right career path

Sign #1: You have no regrets. 

You will know that you have found the career of your dreams when you have no regrets. 

Regardless of what made you kickstart a journey on this career path, if you enjoy every experience that comes your way, with no regrets lurking in the background, you’re good to go!

Think about it for a minute, do you regret choosing a career in the hospitality industry?

Sign #2 You Always Feel Valued & Respected.

Considering the effort you put into your daily work routine, it is natural to expect some level of respect from your coworkers & peers. 

In the current corporate world, millennials who are at the bottom of the professional ladder do not easily get the value and respect they feel they deserve. This can be a stumbling block to outrightly prove that you are worthy of respect.

In the midst of this uptight setting, if you feel valued and respected in your career, you’ve most likely found the right career path for yourself. This is because when you are surrounded by fellow hospitality professionals who admire your work and respect you, your confidence is bound to inflate and you are likely to experience career happiness.

Sign #3 You are never sad to jump out of bed each morning

Zipping out of bed every morning without feeling dejected or stuck on the job is a good sign! If you genuinely enjoy your hospitality career, you will always be excited to start your workday.

In fact, your mind will be geared with motivation on sluggish mornings because you are always ready to smash new career goals, meet deadlines, and progress in your hospitality career.

Sign #4 You Don’t See Work as “Work”

The moment you realize that you are on the right career path, work will become fun to you. The workload, tasks, and challenges that accompany the job will stimulate joy in you. And each time you complete a task, your heart will be filled with an abundance of joy.

So, if you do not see your hospitality work as work but fun, you are in the happy lane!

Sign #5 You Don’t Hunt For New Jobs 

It is a special feeling when you eventually stop searching endlessly for new job listings. It is always a relief to finally find a job that gives you peace.

When you find comfort, peace, and happiness in your hospitality career, you will care less about moving to a new career.

In a world where self-actualization is a big thing, it is important that you find your perfect career path and stick to it. We are certain that these signs will help you find out if hospitality is the right career for you.